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Business Coaching

What does it means Coaching?

1. Set performance objectives
2. Coach individual or team to meet objectives
3. Provide direction and support
4. Monitor performance

Why would you take on a business coach?

To develop clarity and direction in your business operations. Working with our business coach will give you more clarity in your life which will come through a better life/work balance.
To increase your income and improve your business skills. A coach works with you to keep you focused, supports and challenges you to achieve your business goals. You will achieve your business goals faster and with greater ease when working with a Business Coach.

Many people open or purchase cafes and restaurants that have no experience in the hospitality industry. There is nothing wrong with this if they recognize early that they may need help. Don’t wait until things have got so bad both financially and operationally that only a good magician can get you out of the mess created.

Take an example from the corporate world…many companies factor into their yearly budget the cost of expertise and problem solvers. The corporate world see it as a given that they will need this type of help from time to time. Unfortunately in the hospitality industry it is sometimes the last resort to look for business advice and coaching.

Be pro-active and not re-active

Some Restaurant owners may not want to engage a full-time business coach or consultant but would like someone to take a look at their operation. We do offer a service that takes a look at your business and offers you the tools to implement some changes with new ideas and common sense thinking that will immediately start making you money. This service can include an Operations Manual Template which can be modified to suit your businesses needs. This manual will help you as the business owner implement systems, train staff and create some consistency within your workplace.

“If you really want to make a difference, you have to be prepared to implement change”.

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