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Ettore Nigro
"The Restaurant Doctor"

Ettore is a hospitality professional with over 35 years of experience in the business. He's the leading authority on how broke restaurants can become solvent and how good restaurants can become great ones with just little efficient changes. He is fluent in Italian, English, French, German and advanced level in Spanish.

He started his hospitality career in the summer of his fifteen years. He helped running a family Bistro in a little city in northern Italy with his father. At the age of 18 he moved to Switzerland where he started his first real hospitality professional job as apprentice in a well-known 5-star Hotel. Within only a few years and thanks to his natural talent in business, multilingual skills and quick learning strength, Ettore advanced rapidly became a Restaurant Manager/Maître D'. After working for more than a decade as a restaurant manager in different 4 and 5-star hotels in Switzerland, he decided to go back to school and attended the intensive Federal Swiss Hotel and Restaurant School, which awards a Federal diploma and attests the professionals the capability to start and run hospitality operations such as hotels, restaurants or any other food & beverage operation. After optaining the diploma, Ettore and his wife decided to take a break and travelled around the world for about 5 months with backpacks and on a small budget.

Back in Switzerland again he started his own business and opened an upscale Italian restaurant near the city of Bern (capital of Switzerland). The restaurant concept was based on the 3 imperial values which make every restaurant successful: A clean and welcoming ambient and good, healthy, organic food served by a professional, friendly and efficient staff. The restaurant became rapidly distinguished and acquired guests from all over the German speaking region of Switzerland. After 3 years of hard work, he sold the restaurant when it was on the peak of its business, which made him a good and well-earned return on investment.

After returning from the trip, he had the great opportunity to lead as GM of a 4-star hotel in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland’s most famous tourist region. The hotel had been losing money for a few years, so the challenge was particularly hard. But knowing every angel of the hotel operations, made it easier for Ettore to correct the causes of the failure (prices, staff and controlling). With long hours of physical presence and helping out wherever necessary, Ettore and his wife were able to restore the profitability of the hotel within only one year and to turn it into a highly profitable business. After 3 years the hotel was sold to another company and closed down for renovations for a whole year. After a little professional break he started a new challenge and owned a restaurant within a golf country club with 700 members and facilities open to the public. The challenge was very tough once again and at the beginning Ettore worked as Line Cook  preparing and expediting all pasta dishes under the command of the chef. Later he decided to take the lead of the entire kitchen as executive chef.

In 2005 and after many years of front of the house attendance he decided to step back. He started his own consulting business and shared his wide professional experience with operations and hospitality employers who were struggling with their business or staff who wanted to improve their skills. In 2011 he was called to share his F&B experience within a Hotel Management School in Switzerland and lectured students from all over the world the true meaning of hospitality service.

During his long career Ettore has covered every F&B position, from busser to GM to being an owner. There is no better way to understand how the hospitality business really works and it enables one to understand and solve positions issues of every level, and most importantly how to assist, pamper and anticipate guests’ needs.  

Today Ettore continues to strive in helping in hospitality operations to prosper in tough times and to deliver an exceptional service. He is a well-known professional advisor to customer service and professional table service in Switzerland and now he established his own company in Miami. Who knows him, will say that he is one of the "last Mohicans" of the true hospitality industry and that to learn from his experience is priceless.

Ettore has successfully managed hotels, restaurants and even a golf country club. He has had the keys in his hand, his name on the loans and the payrolls to meet.

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