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Customer service is the most important aspect of the hospitality industry. Managing the service delivery is therefore a very important job.

  • How really are your customers treated...?

  • How are customers being greeted?

  • What memories will the Guests take with after leaving your Restaurant?

Put them at ease and make them feel comfortable! This sets the tone for the rest of the transaction.
Demonstrate that your customers are valued
Let them know you think they are important.  
Your sincerity makes them feel good about you and the organization.
Ask how to help your customers find out what they want. It is important that each customer encounter makes them feel satisfied.
Don’t challenge disgruntled customers. Listen, reassure them that you’ll escalate or act on their complaint and follow through until resolution.
Help customers. Help them get what they want.
Make it easy for customers to locate or obtain the information they need.
Answer their questions in a timely manner

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