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Service Traning Courses
Your career improvement starts here

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four

Day five

Includes sections
Hospitality Introduction
The Profession   
Appearance and Etiquette
The Front oft he House
The Back of the House

Includes sections
Equipment and Utensils
The Staff Positions Chart
The  3 Spheres of activity
Preparation Procedures
Setup and reset tables
Carrying Plates & Trays

Includes sections

Side Duties
The Services Styles
Server Skills
Rules and Tecniques
The Meals-services

Includes sections

Service Sequences
The products
Our Guests
Handling Complains
The Wine Service
Beverages Service

Includes sections

The Cooking Methods
Food Terminolgies
Working at Guest Table
Banquets and Events
Payement sequences
Written test

Single course $250

Single course $250

Single course $250

Single course $250

Single course $250


Full course  $950

Why register?
In order to work and succeed in the hospitality industry you must learn how the industry really works! We will teach you the chronological and logical sequences, from A to Z!

Because we are a professional, reliable and competent company with over 35 years proven experience in the hospitality business, you will be taught by a highly hospitality professional trainer in small classes (6-10 max) and not from a book or a computer monitor.

Our courses are specifically designed either for newcomers or for individuals who already work in the hospitality and want to learn specific skills to move ahead in their careers.
You will learn in no time the true classic hospitality service and be able to work in any type of restaurant like a professional.
Our training courses are affordable, professional and efficient.

What will be the Result?
Your investment will pay off with significantly successful results!
You will become in no time a more self-confident, competent, efficient and well-organized employee with high levels service skills.
You will find a job easier and make a better income.
Your manager will give you better shifts and sections, and most importantly you will exceed guests’ expectations which will result in augmenting your tips.

Don't waste your time and enroll your future today! Your investment is every cent worth.

Do you want to know more about it? Call 786 484 9624 or contact us today

Yes, we can help you!

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